279247 days fed

Dogs teach us to love unconditionally and forgive easily, to start each day with enthusiasm and hope, that even the smallest act of kindness matters and that happiness is meant to be shared.

There are many non-profit organisations set up and run by people passionate about providing love, care and happiness for dogs that have no-one else to help them. They give them love, care, food and if necessary, a roof over their heads until they can find them a new forever home.

Feeding is a critical need for these organisations and with your purchase of a bonhappi-T, on your behalf, we donate an 8kg bag of dog chunks which is sufficient to feed one dog for one month.

The dog food you are feeding them is Bobtail and has a nutritious formula that dogs just love! These 8kg bags of Bobtail are supplied by the DO MORE FOUNDATION, who have partnered with bonhappi-T to guarantee a supply of food to our dog charities, to feed homeless and hungry dogs for a month.

Thanks for caring and for sharing your best friend’s joy and happiness.

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