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This artist collection bonhappi-T features an exclusive design, especially created for bonhappi-T, by artist Victoria Verbaan.

Victoria Verbaan is an established designer, artist and illustrator. Working in a wide variety of artistic disciplines ranging from illustration and painting to the design of bespoke rugs, wallpaper, limited edition fine art prints, fabric and more recently ceramics. Commissioned artwork and fabric can be seen in local and international homes as well as restaurants and boutique hotels. Wallpaper Magazine named her as 1 of 20 reasons to visit South Africa.

Fabric: white – 100% cotton
Print: exclusive bonhappi-T design by Victoria Verbaan
Woven label: shows a bonhappi-T follower
Style: standard fit, V-neck
Strength: 160g fabric, polycotton ribbing
Production: proudly Southern African
Feeding: 1T feeds 1 mouth for 1 month


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