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This artist collection bonhappi-T features an exclusive design, especially created for bonhappi-T, by artist Giffy Duminy.

Giffy painted this mural for bonhappi-T, to brighten up Zwakele Primary School.

A self-taught, 24 year old South African street artist, Giffy believes that painting positive murals in the public space unites people like nothing else and creates a platform for all to appreciate and to connect with their surroundings on a personal level.

Fabric: white – 100% cotton
Print: exclusive bonhappi-T design by street artist Giffy Duminy
Woven label: shows a bonhappi-T follower
Style: standard fit, crew neck
Strength: 160g fabric, polycotton ribbing
Production: proudly Southern African
Feeding: 1T feeds 1 mouth for 1 month


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